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COOR DESIGN cooperated with the young Apiyoo brand for the first time, and discussed in depth how to create an e-commerce explosive product for a new entrepreneurial brand, so that it can quickly enter the personal care industry and gain a foothold in the market as soon as possible.

COOR, together with the Apiyoo team, has perfected the product, from the consumer psychology, to the product experience, to the brand tone, all adhering to such a new concept, that is, the natural, comfortable and effective personal care concept and high-quality care products, synchronously share with younger mass consumers. This was a brand new exploration in the electric toothbrush market at that time. From user interviews and research, crowd portrait analysis, and market competition insights, we have made a new definition of this product, that is, targeting young consumers, and injecting fashion elements into the product design. "Changing the personal care habits of 300 million families" to build a better home personal care ecosystem for users.

In this process, COOR has provided professional all-round design strategy solutions to help start-up brands gain user value. After 2 years of hard work, Apiyoo electric toothbrush has become a leading brand of electric toothbrushes, and the sales volume of a single product on all e-commerce platforms has exceeded 3 100 million. The Apiyoo brand also ushered in explosive growth, successfully becoming a first-class personal care brand at home and abroad. From 2017 to 2020, COOR helped Apiyoo increase the annual output value of all series of products to 1 billion yuan.

Design empowers brands, we believe that products with innovative value can win new market plans and help young entrepreneurial brands like Apyioo develop rapidly.

Do you know the current situation of Apiyoo? The Company now has more than 1500 staff and creates an annual production value of more than 900 million RMB. By now, Apiyoo has 16 million users and it continuously carries out brand planning strategy in five years. Combining Internet with multi-channels operation. Apiyoo will truely break through both online and offline channels to provide users with comprehensive shopping, entertaining, socializing experience regardless the time and places.

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