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Do you know about Novel Optics? It is a leading manufacturer of precision optical instruments and optical components in China. It is also the Chair of the Chinese Optical Instrument Committee and a constitutor of the International ISO Microscope standard. The Company owns the brands “NOVEL”, “JIANGNAN”, and “NEXCOPE”. Currently, we are also committed to the national project “Development and Industrialization of High-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy”. Novel Optics has three production plants located in Ningbo, Nanjing and Zhenhai with a total of 1,200 employees. We have an annual output of more than 100,000 microscopes and tens of millions of optical components sold to more than 80 countries around the world. The company also has established industry research cooperative relationships with famous universities in China.

COOR has always insisted on creating cutting-edge products with explosive trends with a professional perspective and innovative design thinking. As the trendsetters under the background of the big era, COOR and Yongxin Optics faced the impact of new consumer demand, and cooperated for the second time to design a series of products for children's microscopes-Little Dinosaur & Little Monster Microscope. Convey the original intention of product design and development of "protecting children's imagination" to users in a more vivid and interesting way. With the power of design, light up childhood imagination and escort the road of dreams.

In order to present a more vivid and unique product image, COOR turned into a comic master, conducted in-depth research on children's preferences, and integrated cute and vivid cartoon elements into the products one by one. Metal materials, single-color matching, and proportional reduction of parts are the traditional impressions of children's microscopes. As a result, COOR broke with tradition and boldly applied contrast color matching to children's microscopes.

The cute appearance allows children to enrich the visual cognition world and stimulate their creativity while using the product. In addition, this series of products has also changed people's inherent impression of professional optical technology. While ensuring the practicability of the product, the COOR design team has simplified the operation of the instrument through design, making it more suitable for children.

In general, this series of children's microscopes is not only interesting, but also cultivates children's learning enthusiasm and independence, and conveys innovative educational models to modern families.

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