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ICEE comes from the personal care field of femooi brand and is jointly developed by coor and professional team in the Netherlands. It integrates the dual functions of deep cleansing and 9 ℃ ice muscle, which not only improves the quality of women's skin care, but also increases the sense of ritual of daily cleansing.
Up to now, this product has been sold in major online channels and won the Korean K-Design Design Award in 2021. It has been highly praised on the Internet and truly won and occupied the market.

Nowadays, skincare is paid more attention by females, while traditional facial cleansing brushes only have limited functions. Icee is a facial cleansing device designed for females. It fits the skincare habits of the user and uses an innovative way to create a portable and professional skincare device. The product form was inspired by popsicles, which conveys a refreshing and icy experience from the visual interaction. The clean outlines and the exquisite shape convey that it is a lightweight machine while also meets the aesthetic needs of the female.

With ultrasonic vibration and silicone brush, Icee enables users to effectively clean different areas of face. With semiconductor refrigeration, the metal head can quickly cool down in three seconds, providing the ultimate cooling experience and various skincare functions to the user.

Icee has high sustainability in the product cycle. Food-grade silica gel and aerospace-grade aluminum alloy make Icee have high performance, recyclability, and reusability. Meanwhile, it is equipped with magnetic charging to make it have good airtightness and longer service life.

Icee is easy for users to operate. To turn on and off the machine, long-press the two buttons at the same time. To clean or cool the skin, press the bu-tton with the corresponding icon which is easy to recognize. The product itself is IPX7 waterproof, the whole body is sealed that can be washed boldly. Magnetic suction provides safe charging, that has a long battery life of 180 days.

The double-sided design can support different using conditions. The back can be wet with facial cleanser for deep cleaning. The iced surface on the front meets the cooling needs of women at any time when they go out. The indicators and bu-ttons give users excellent interactivity and feedback. The strap at the bottom can be easily removed, which is convenient for storage and can be applied to more scenarios.

The packaging of the product is designed according to the overall tone of ICEE. The designer scrambles the four letters of I, C, E, and E and distributes them on four planes, which not only retains the interest of the product but also makes the entire packaging more three-dimensional, providing users with an unpacking experience full of fun and visual interaction.

Users will receive a user guide that comes with the product package after purchasing the product. The instruction card not only explains the use of the product concisely and clearly, but also introduces every component of the product, and intimately provides users with instructions and basic information about the product.

This product is designed for women and thus designed to fit their skin characteristics and habits. It allows women to have a deeper, more professional, and more ritual cleansing experience.

ICEE has been sold on major e-commerce platforms, with annual sales exceeding 100 million RMB, ranking first in sales of similar products. Under the vigorous promotion of many users, this product is widely praised and recognized by more and more beauty lovers.

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