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Femooi was born in 2017. It is a consumer brand of home beauty equipment driven by practical technology, which was independently incubated by COOR.

The birth of the second generation of Himeso stems from COOR's infinite exploration of future technology and extreme attention to the trend of "her economy". Combining the actual needs of the market and users, we integrate practical technology into products through innovative design to bring value to our users.

As of 2021, the annual sales of Femooi's full range of products are nearly 200 million yuan, and the company has been invested by IDG Capital with a valuation of nearly 1 billion yuan.

What did Dr.Martijn Bhomer(CTO of Femooi) say about Himeso product?

Hello everybody, I'm the CTO of Femooi and have been a part of the whole development of HiMESO, from the early start — when it was just a napkin sketch — until the real product. It took us 17 iterations to get there, and now finally, HiMESO can also end-up in your hands.

HiMESO is the best product designed by us so far. Of course, this is something that we say of every product, however, with HiMESO we really succeeded to surpass our initial expectations. The product started from Femooi's core-mission: to bring clinical beauty care technology to the home environment, so that women can enjoy a confident, free and healthy lifestyle. To make this technical breakthrough happen, we have done extensive research in professional beauty care clinics, talked with experts and skincare professionals. This resulted in a deep understanding of the principles of mesotherapy and enabled us to develop the core technologies of HiMESO.

Mesotherapy is an effective skincare technology used in professional beauty care clinics. Using our unique Nanocrystalite needle surface, thousands of micro-level absorption channels are created on the skin surface to promote the effective absorption of the ingredients in the essence. Compared to ordinary products, the absorption rate is increased by 19.7 times. I believe that this number is a game-changer for many women using our product. Simultaneously, the Nanocrystalite needle surface can also effectively stimulate the skin's own collagen regeneration, revitalize the skin's elasticity, and restore the skin to a more youthful state.

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